Sunday, January 27, 2013

Two More CJC Starts

Two more Crazy January Challenge 2013 starts to share today. That leaves 5 more to get started before the end of the month. Easy as pie!! The first picture is of the Christmas Pear from Samplers and Santas blog. I love these pears and I am anxiously awaiting publication of the February Pear. The second photo is of Quaker Apple by AuryTM this used to be a freebie on her site long ago. I am so glad I hung on to it.

Christmas Pear
Samplers and Santas
28ct Monaco
DMC Threads

Quaker Apple
28ct Monaco
DMC Threads




Linda said...

Two more great starts.


CJ in OK ;-) said...

Good progress, five more in four days. It Wilone's fun to see. CJ in OK

CJ in OK ;-) said...

That should be "will be" on my previous comment, not sure where the computer gets Wilone's

SoCal Debbie said...

Two more great starts! I love the bright red colors in Quaker Apple.

Melissa said...

Hi CJ! I'm a new follower - found you through Heather's Stitching Story :)

Lovely starts! I still have some orni's that I've got to get done as well!!!