Monday, April 30, 2012

Rooster Baby Finished

Rooster Baby
EMS Designs
14ct Aida DMC Floss

Rooster baby was finished in March and shipped off to Pennsylvania to be added to a quilt. I stitched this one really quick, I tend to be a "leisure" stitcher taking my time stitching in the evening with the TV.  This one had to be done in 4 weeks so I was extra busy since I am not the fastest needle in the West and the TV can be distracting. 




Michele said...

Oh my sweet!!! If there are more like this for that quilt, that's gonna be one fantastic quilt. Good job!

milly said...


Just found your blog.

Rooster Baby is so cute! The quilt will be beautiful!

lynda said...

these little babes are so cute! great job!

Catherine said...

So sweet!

dulcinella said...

The rooster baby is so cute! I love EMS designs. happy stitching!

Meari said...


NLG said...

Love love love this rooster baby