Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Madness Update 2-8-2012

I missed a few days of the stitching madness to make baskets.  Oh well, I could not help myself I just had to get a little weaving done.  So now I have three baskets waiting to be finished.

Thursday I picked up a new project (bad girl) for the Quilts for Older Children and Adults stitching group.  Our group leader Jeneen was ready to ship squares off to the quilter when she realized she only had 19 squares and needed one more.  So guess who is stitching EMS Baby Rooster?  Me!!  This one has a very quick turn around, I must have it in the mail before the 30th.  No problem as long as I leave my baskets alone.  Thank goodness it is Spring Break which means I can get some early morning stitching done while the kiddos are still in bed. 

Baby Rooster
EMS Designs

Today should be a good stitching day, hubby will be at the basketball championships, I have plenty of leftovers from yesterdays dinner and rain is in the forcast so I can't work outside.




SoCal Debbie said...

How nice of you to volunteer to stitch the last square for the quilt! I also stitch for World of Charity Stitching. They donate quilts and other items like pillows, walker bags, and tote bags to seniors in a nursing home, and also for children at a domestic violence shelter, and Ronald McDonald House.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

The baskets can be your reward when you are finished with this quick stitch project. Nice of you to take it on. CJ in OK ;-)