Saturday, January 14, 2012

CJC 2012 Project 11 and 12

Well, I am a little bit behind but I plan to catch up this weekend.  I have changed my mind on a few patterns and decided the majority of my projects will be Christmas items.  This year I want to give stitched ornaments to my family and close friends and now is the perfect time to start so they will be ready by December.  So here are 11 and 12.

Project 11 is a web freebie called Noel, I do not remember where I got it and I am hoping one of you can refresh my memory--most likely I found on the Freebie Gallery. 

Noel Freebie
28ct Monaco
DMC Floss

Project 12 is a pumpkin freebie that was to cute to resist and a challenge.  Once the stitching is finished then I have to join the stitched edges and stuff it to make a 3D pumpkin.  This was another web freebie that I have had sitting in my "want to stitch pile forever".  Not sure where I found it, again it may have been on the Freebie Gallery blog. 

Pumpkin Freebie
28ct Monaco
DMC Varigated Floss

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Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Oh you've reminded me I need to get cracking on Christmas gifts too. I love giving homemade, and giving something stitched, but starting in the fall or December isn't smart of me. LOL.

I have that Noel pattern, but I can't recall where it's from right now. Someone else will know. I wish everyone would put their name or blog name on patterns. I add it to the file name when I download, but I didn't think to do that until recently. So I have lots of patterns whose designers I need to hunt down one of these days!

The pumpkin pattern is interesting, can't wait to see that one finished. :D

Happy stitching!

Rachel M said...

I have some info :)

Noel can be found

I stitched it last year and love it. Such an easy fun project.

The pumpkin is a chart made by Gazette94 (love the charts she shares with us). Its in my want to do list.

Meari said...

I have Noel on my Christmas ornie SAL list. Good luck with your CJC's!

CATHI said...


I just found your blog! Very nice! The pumpkin freebie is by Gazette94 and can be found here: