Monday, January 16, 2012

CJC 2012 All Posted

Some how I ended up with 16 new project starts on my CJC 2012 Challenge--one is already finished.   I did change my mind about a few patterns and switched them out for projects that were screaming to get stitched.  So here is a preview of may last three.  These projects are basically the same, they are Name Trees for my kids.  They were on my original  CJC 2011 list, but as time went by I scrapped them, I was not liking the same fabric and color for each kiddo--it really did nor represents my kids.  After rummaging through my fabrics I found three pieces that really felt right. 

Allie Name Tree
M Designs
14ct Iridescent Pale Grey/Pink Aida
Carrie's Thread Love Always
This is for my little girl that loves pink.

Sam's Name Tree
M Designs
16ct Aida Hand Dyed Celedon
Carrie's Thread Passion Fruit
This is for the smartest little boy I know and love.

Maddie's Name Tree
M Designs
14ct Lilac Aida
Carrie's Thread Tye Dye
This is for my Hippy Girl, who love to say "Peace Out".

Great way to start the 2012 Challenge.  Although, I still don't recall how I ended up starting 17 projects.  Oh well, it's all good.


See ya,

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Meari said...

What a great idea to tailor them to the kiddos. I like the colors you chose.