Thursday, January 15, 2015

SoCal Debbie UCJC Start #15

This is the year, 1991, that I moved to the 12-hour shift position in Japan. (If you have been reading my previous posts I am working backwards--sorry for the confusion.) What was I thinking!! Actually, it was a pretty decent assignment as it was a joint-service position so I got to work with folks in the Army and Navy. I also got a take a trip to Hawaii to visit our HQ during that tour--so not bad at all.  I like this fruity Santa. 

PS Santa 1991
16ct Parchment Aida
DMC Floss




Pull the other thread said...

Lots of great Santa starts. Hope to see lots of progress on these :)

Loretta said...

Love your PS Santa starts. I buy them every year but have only stitched a couple. I need to get started on them.

Linda said...

Cute Santa CJ. Are you using the same color red for all of them.


Vickie said...

I love all these Santa's!!