Wednesday, January 14, 2015

SoCal Debbie UCJC Start #14

This is PS Santa 1992.  In 1992 my husband and I were stationed in Japan and I was working 12 hour shift 3-on/3-off.  Don't miss that schedule one bit.  I think this may be the only Santa in the collection with a yellow coat. 

PS Santa 1992
16ct Parchment Aida
DMC Floss

I have had a few questions in the comments about what I plan to do with the Santas.  Right now I plan to gift them to family, friends and teachers.  I will hold back some significant ones to put on the family tree. 




CalamityJr said...

Looking at all his fishing gear, I would say that Santa's coat is a rain slicker. Not that you asked, ha ha. It's really nice that you plan to share your finishes, because there's so much detail and work in those PS designs. Yay for you!

Linda said...

I agree with Calamity. Good be a rain coat. Nice start. Do you plan on starting ALL the Prairie Schooler Santa's?


Katy said...

Love this one!

Faith... said...

Love these Santas. I think they would make wonderful Christmas gifts!

Vickie said...

Looking good!!!!

Mii Stitch said...

A bit different & I must admit I do miss his big red coat :) Great start. Love your idea of gifting some of the finish & family & friends :)