Tuesday, January 13, 2015

SoCal Debbie UCJC Start #13

PS Santa 1997.  Every time I see the alphabet in a piece I automatically think "teacher gift".  Something to consider with this one since I have two in middle school and one in elementary--that equals lots of teachers. 

PS Santa 1997
16ct Sage Khaki Aida
DMC Floss

I plan on starting a new project for the entire challenge length of 59 days.  I believe I have enough patterns to cover the entire time.  Some have asked what UCJC means, it stand for Ultimate Crazy January Challenge.  Check out Linda's blog for more info, she is the one who started this challenge in honor of SoCal Debbie. 

Don't forget to check out my giveaway on my 8 January post.  Be sure to visit often I have more patterns to pass on.




Linda said...

Another great Santa CJ. I really must start some of these.


Meari said...

Just curious... Are you planning a PS Christmas tree? All your projects are Christmas themed.

Brenda A said...

Oh that's going to be lovely!

Vickie said...

Another great start!!!!

EvalinaMaria said...

Welcome to the club! I'm doing 59 starts too.

Evalina, This and that...