Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Ringo!!

In April 2008 we adopted, Gracie, a English Bulldog Boxer mix from the Lonestar Bulldog Rescue (LBR).  Gracie is the mellowest dog in the world.  She spent the first two years of her life in a puppy mill before being taken in by LBR. She had a bad case of heart worm, we think that is why the puppy mill dumped her in the middle os downtown Waco, TX.  We love her so much and have always wanted to find a little friend for her.  

Well, on 26 September, my hubby brought home Ringo, a 5-year old, a AKC registered English Bulldog.  He was just given to us.  He came with a kennel, food, toys, blankets, medicine and papers.  He is neutered and micro chipped.  He is a great dog.  He has a few quirks and requires a little more maintenance than Gracie, but he is really a good boy. If you know anything about this breed you know that they are very expensive.  The couple we got him from was vague about why they wanted to get rid of this dog that they had owned since he was a pup.  We expected the worse and got the best.  He is great with the kids, likes to walk on the leash, gets along with Gracie and minds Mama (me--the primary care giver/food lady).  He even got along with my MIL. We are blessed to have him.

It was a very busy August and September for us with camps, a trip to Iowa and then back to school prep, soccer practice and NFL.  Things have finally settled down.  The kids are back in school and happy with thier classes.  I am finally getting to work on projects around that house that have been severely neglected.  I have finished a little stitching project and made a few cards.  I will be posting about them later.

Have a great day.

See ya!!



Meari said...

It's great that both doggies are getting along, and that the new member is working out.

Carolyn NC said...

How sweet!