Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meari Asked,

"How Do You Keep Your Floss Organized?"

When I first started stitching I kept the floss with the pattern in a bag because I started with all inclusive kits.  Once I discovered I could by floss, fabric and stitch patterns out of magazines everything changed.  So for the last 20+ years I have kept my DMC in floss boxes on bobbins that I wind by hand. The boxes are labeled with the inclusive numbers on the top and side of the box.  In a gallon zip top bag I keep any DMC that is waiting to be put on a bobbin or used in a swap.  In the Twinnings tin I keep th small amount of WDW and Gentle Arts threads that I have collected. 

I have several skeins of Carries Threads which I absolutely adore (her prices are always great) that I keep in a gallon size zip top bag.  In an other sandwich size bag I put any other floss that I have acquired via exchanges or swaps. 

Then all this is stored on a shelf in an antique sideboard buffet we bought while we were stationed in the UK. When I am working in a project the floss is kept on a floss tag with the fabric and pattern in some type of plastic container.   All my on going projects are stored in two tote bags. 

That is how I do it.

See ya!!



Meari said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing how you do it :)

Jodie said...

I just started winding my floss into bobbins too and storing them in the exact same boxes! It's a slow go, and I have a ton to get wound...I'm waiting for some blustery winter days to work on that chore :-)

Hopblogger said...

Hello CJ,
Stop winding floss. Check out the way that I store my floss.
Merry Christmas!