Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet Hazel

Hazel is a 9 month old, Mini Schnauzer we adopted this past March from our local shelter.  She is very sweet, full of energy and does not bark alot like a typical Schnauzer.  She loves to dig in dirt and make a mess of herself -- she gets a bath weekly.  She is our third Schnauzer and fourth family dog.  She shares our house with Gracie, our 8 year old, overweight English Bulldog/Boxer mix.  They make and interesting pair. 

Dirty Hazel

Gracie and Hazel this morning.



Irma said...

Cute Hazel! :)

Faith... said...

They are so cute together!

Catherine said...

Oh, how cute!!!

Holly said...


She's gorgeous and so is Gracie!

Holly x

Meari said...

Hazel is so adorable!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL @ dirty Hazel. Adorable.