Saturday, November 26, 2011

My poor, neglected blog.....

Dear Blog,

I am so sorry I have not visited you at all this November.  Oh, what a November I have had full of activities, celebrations and doctor visits. Where do I begin?  Hmm..

I guess the beginning is good.  The first weekend of the month I attended the Oklahoma Basket Weavers Guild annual Weavers Weekend at Canyon Camp in Hinton,  There I spent hours upon hours making baskets, weaving a bench seat and a footstool.  I tried some Christmas ornaments but they were a total disaster.   Overall a great weekend spent with four good friends (despite the 5.6 quake in Oklahoma) and good food.  Exhausting but fun, fun, fun. 

I returned from my weekend to find my DS sick with fever that would not go away.  Monday morning we visit the Urgent Care Clinic to discover he has the dreaded STREP.   Poor boy had to stay home for two days and miss his class field trip to River Bend Nature Center. 

Then Friday rolled around, Veterans Day, both hubby and I are retired vets.  The kids had to go to school--no holiday for them.  But they had a special meal that day so Dad and I had lunch with the kids and 600 other people.  Afterwards DH and I went to see to the movie to see J. Edgar -- little date for us.

Saturday morning DH and DD#1 headed to Dallas for a weekend of fun.  They visited Legoland, Bass Pro Shop and attended the Cowboy-Lions game.  While they were gone I had to make the second trip in one week to the Urgent Care Clinic.  My DS woke with fever and nasty urine -- he has a condition that makes him prone to UTI's.  So after a dose of intramuscular therapy and new antibiotics he was good to go.  Although the shot did make him want to walk like an 80 year old man.

Then here comes the next week.  My DD#2 has a meltdown at school and misses half a day.  My son has an ultra sound to check out his kidneys, hubby and son both visit the dentist and my MIL comes for a visit.  I bought a laptop and WiFi router for hubby.  We ended the week with my hubby having foot surgery on Friday. Which means he is off his feet for a minimum of one week so his mother and I are waiting on him for his every need and desire (thus the need for laptop and router). We are WiFi enabled now--but in a secure way.  During all this I managed to finish my last part of the Village Stitcher's Round  Robin and get it in the mail--forgot to take a pic of it. 

I did manage to visit the annual Hangar Holiday Christmas Fair put on by the Officer Spouses Club.  My dear friend and basket weaving buddy had a booth there so I stopped by to give her a potty break.  She did very well at this year's event and signed up to do it all again in 2012.

DD#2's class had a Friendship Salad Celebration on the 22nd.  each child brought fruit to share.  I helped her teacher prepare a fruit salad and make popcorn for the kids.  This is a great lesson on sharing, turn taking and talking about being thankful.

The kids have been out of school since the 22nd, I have baked four batches of biscotti and one batch of giant ginger cookies.  I completed a tote basket for a Christmas gift, cooked Thanksgiving dinner and cleaned up my craft room (the dinning room) so we got to eat at the big table.  As for Black Friday, I headed out at 7am, but there was not much out there that I wanted so I only came home with a few goodies for the kids at Christmas. 

As for today, well again it will be busy.  I have to make Peppermint Biscotti for MIL, Banana Rum Biscotti for my niece and weave one more basket.  Oh, yes and answer hubbies calls from the bedroom.  Hopefully football will keep him occupied today.  I also need to fit in taking the kids to see Happy Feet II.   Good thing the laundry is done, thanks MOM!!

So as you can see little blog I have been very busy and did not mean to totally neglect you.  I promise I will be back very soon with my TUSAL update. 

See ya!!


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Meari said...

What a busy, busy month! Is everyone happy and healthy now?