Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Round Robin Finish

After a little stitching drought (lol) I have finished a project.  This a pink (looks red but it is really pink) carnation from EMS' 2010 Flower of the Month free patterns.  The owner of this piece in the RR left it up to the stitchers to pick the project as long as it was a flower theme.  So I found out her birth month and selected the carnation.  It was a bit of a challenge to stitch because July was a crazy month in our household and the dreaded frog visited this piece on several occasions. 

Speaking of a busy month.  All of July and the first week of August was crazy we had a former exchange student and her hubby visit for two weeks.  Took two three out of town trips to Dodge City, Eureka Springs and Dallas.  Throw in a week of VBS--where I volunteered and visits to the eye doctor, speech therapist, my doctor and Church mini-mission for the kids--I was busy.  Now that everyone is gone I am trying to return to my normal routine and hopefully back to my blog--I have so many blogs to read and catch up on how you all are doing.  I miss all of you.

We continue to roast here in North Texas, my yard is brown and the city has entered stage 1 of water restrictions.  They are telling us to only water between 6pm and 11am and not to use sprinkler systems.  So I am just watering my trees and potted plants.  Hopefully we will have green grass next year. 

See ya!!



Meari said...

Congrats on your finish, CJ. My.. it does sound like your were busy. Maybe you can take a breather now.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...