Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a bargain!!

Last week I walked into Michaels with a 20% off coupon that included sale items and I walked out with a brnda new Ott Lite.  Originally priced $59.99, on sale for $19.99, with additional discount I paid $15.99.  Now I call that a bargain.  This lamp is sitting on a table by my stitching chair and I love it.  Stitching is so much easier with a good light. 

See ya!!



C in DC said...

I *sooo* need one of these.

Meari said...


Measi said...

I bought one of these around Christmas specifically to bring to stitch gatherings. It's really wonderful. The deal on them at Michaels is great right now.

Vickie said...

Jealous!! I want one!