Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bent Creek Snow & a Swap

 I started it in January as part of the Crazy January Challenge and after putting it down for several months I picked it up and finished the stitching last night while watching an episode of Swamp People--first time I ever watched it and boy, what people are willing to do to make a living.  Oh, I am so happy to move to my pile of stitching finishes that just need to be assembled into something useful.  I think I will frame this one.  It is stitched on 14ct light blue Aida--not a very good photo.  I promised myself this year to use what I have in my stash and not buy any new material.  So far so good. 

If anyone is interested the pattern and would like to trade another pattern for it just drop me a note.  I am willing to trade for another Bent Creek, LHN, or JBW Designs just to name a few.   

Enjoy!!  Thanks for stopping by.

See ya!!


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Meari said...

Very cute finish!