Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TUSAL Feb New Moon

Happy Chinese New Year!!  Usually we would take the kids out for a Chinese dinner this evening, but this nasty winter storm has us staying indoors and off the streets.  My kids have missed two days of schools so far this week and we just got that call that school will be closed, again, tomorrow.   We had snow late Monday night and early Tuesday, but it is the layer of ice that came down at the beginning of the storm and the extreme cold temperatures that are keeping us in.  Even the Tuesday paper didn't get delivered until this afternoon.  BRRRRRRR!!! That is a record for us in North Texas we had our two weeks of winter in mid-January, but I guess this year we will have 3 weeks of winter--lol.  The temps are predicted to be around 60 on Super Bowl Sunday.

I digress, enough about the weather.  Here is my February New Moon TUSAL input.  According to my calendar the new moon is today so here is my little jar of bits and it has grown tremendously since the January New Moon.  I have been busy stitching two
squares for charity that I will post pictures of later. If I keep this up I may have to get a bigger container.   Enjoy, stay warm and keep stitching.

See ya!!



Amy said...

Your fire looks warm and toasty!

Daffycat said...

We haven't had mail delivered since Monday. Are you kidding...what happened to "never rain, sleet, snow or hail shall keep us from our appointed rounds???" I want my darn Netflix movie!

Love your TU update, that round jar is just so sweet!

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Lindsay said...

Your TUSAL is looking good