Thursday, November 25, 2010

Basket Weaving Weekend

Hello Bloggin Friends --

This year I made my second trip, along with my friend, neighbor and weaving mentor Sue and fellow weaving buddy Becky, to the Basket weaver Guild of Oklahoma Weavers Weekend in Hinton, OK.  I decided to take it easy and only weave four baskets this year instead of the seven I did last year.  Since we arrived late (long story) I opted to skip my first class to shower, nap and unpack the van.  Glad I did cause I needed a little rest since driving rattles my nerves.  We stayed at a Methodist Church Camp in a small canyon outside Hinton, Oklahoma and the weather was absolutely wonderful for early November.  Here are some photos of what I weaved that weekend.

This basket is called and Irish Knitting Basket.  It is a version of a melon basket, called that because of its shape.  I loved making this basket and the instructor was fabulous.  I gave this basket to my son and daughters first grade teacher.  She has had all three of my kiddos in class and she likes purple.  I will be making more of this type basket it is one of my favorite styles.

 This is an old wooden salad bowl that has a decorative woven top added.  A great way to reuse an old bowl--eco friendly weaving.  This project actually gave me the fits while I was weaving it.  The weave is called a Gretchen weave and my weavers kept breaking at one point I said "enough, I have had it"!!.  Fortunately, I had the kindest, most patient instructor that did not give up on me.  I will be making more of this one it makes a great candy dish.

Here is the pincushion basket I made.  This was so easy and fun to weave.  Wouldn't this make a great gift for some of my stitching friends?  Definitely more to come of this little gem. 

We had such a fun time this year.  Sue has invited two of the instructors to come to Wichita Falls to teach classes for our little group.  One of the instuctors is offering a Bi-Monthly Basket Club, if you sign up by 1 January shipping is free.  She had the club baskets on display and they were beautiful.  Each of them are decorated with small beads you can see them on her Website, of course I signed up and so did Sue. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!  I will be at the Cowboys game today--woohoo!!

See ya!



Nancy said...

Oh so beautiful! The teacher is going to LOVE it. Enjoyed seeing your projects. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs,

Carolyn NC said...

I love these - great job!

Nancy said...

Hi CJ,
Thanks for the tutorial link on the cards. Perfect! Yes, Julie sells the pattern for the Santa boot. She will be happy to give it to you.

Melanie said...

wow, that purple basket is stunning!

thank you for visiting me today! :)