Monday, September 7, 2009

It' a Monday Update!!

Hi everyone hope you all are enjoying September. As usual I am running around like a headless chicken as I keep things running smoothly (at least I hope it is "smoothly) around this household. This year we have added soccer to our weekly routine, I am not used to having to keep up with all this after school stuff and this is only for one kid. Don't know what I will do when we all three in sports.

I made it through the second week of school with only one child getting into trouble for hitting, not once but three times--she likes to spread out during the week. I volunteered for Picture day, which kept me at the school until after 1pm on Friday. It was fun I got to meet all the teachers and see the students. I really like my kids new school the principal is just fantastic.

I do have some photos to share with you of cards I made and a great gift I received from Meari for guessing the correct amount she spent on her new stash cabinet. So here goes:

These are six Flower Pot cards I made for an exchange on Card Swap. Each month they have an exchange that requires you make cards in a certain pattern. This was my first time making this type card I really like it and I plan to make more. All you do is pull on the flowers which are attached to blank card for a personal message. Real neat and lots of fun.

This is a simple 3x3 card that I cased from Angie. She is one of Stampin Up's top demonstrators. Her site is full of how-to videos for everything she makes and I try to make all of them. So if you enjoy paper craft and need a little inspiration check out Chic'n Scratch.

This is the great gift I received from Meari. The fabric is hand-dyed by her, I just love it. I am planning to use it on a primitive pattern I have waiting in the wings. The stickers went to my kiddos who are always happy to have stickers and the lovely floss from Carrie's Creation went in my stash.

This week I plan to make more cards and finish a biscornu for a Swap-Bot exchange. Hey if you like to make biscornu's check out this biscornu group, perhaps you will want to join us.

Keep your eyes open for my next update it is a going to be about a PIF that I am very excited about. I just love PIFs.

Happy Labor Day!!

See ya!!



Barbara said...

I just LOVE the cards you make CJ. You have a very creative mind (& fingers to implement your ideas). I'll have to check out the website link you posted for card making info. Perhaps I'll pick up some good tips.
Barb in TX

kaghos said...

picture of the cards are really cute

Meari said...

Those cards are REALLY COOL!

Carolyn NC said...

Great cards and gift from Meari! Love the story about only one child, but it was three times. Too funny!

Mylene said...

Lovely cards you've made, CJ.

CindyMae said...

The cards are all just simply perfect! I love them all, too cute!

glenda said...

You make the most beautiful cards. I love to see what you come up.