Saturday, September 26, 2009

Biscornu and Book Challenge

Good Morning!!

During the summer I joined a swap-bot biscornu group. So far I have made and swapped two biscornus, while my first one did not turn out so great I was very happy with the second and I have a few photos to share. I stitched on hand-dyed 14ct aida from Enchanted Fabrics and floss from Carries Creation Thread.

Book Challenge Update

So far I have read one book, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", and I am almost finished with a second. I have also edited my list a bit removing a book that I read before the challenge got started--couldn't help myself-- and added Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" and another by Elaine Viets.

What Else am I Stitching

I am ashamed to say that I have too many stitching projects going at once. I need to get them re-organized and put them in a rotation, then force my self to spend at least one solid hour per week on each or I may never have them finished. I have a Bent Creek Snapper, Gazette 94 SAL, Mausiemom SAL, BRD SAL and one Halloween Biscornu in the works. With the kids in school and hubby at work, I should be able to make this work. Just can't let my card making get in the way.

Speaking of card Making

Here are a few finished that I want to share with all of you. The first is a card I made for one of the CSE moderators birthday. It is a matchbook style card with a pocket inside. I got the idea from another card maker, but I can't remember her name or blog. The image is made with a technique called pulling pastels. You cover a piece of card stock with chalk and them stamp the image using a clear type of ink called Versamark. I put a little sparkle in the center of the flowers which is not showing up in the picture. Inside the card pocket I wrote a note and added some floss.

I used the same technique to make this butterfly card for a swap-bot exchange.

That is enough for today. Time for another cup of tea. Don't forget about my giveaway there is still a few days left to enter my PIF, if you are interested leave me a comment in that post.

See ya!



Kathy A. said...

That is such a lovely biscornu. I love the color of the fabric. You card is gorgeous as well - you are one talented lady.

Meari said...

I always love seeing your cards. They're always so creative. Your biscornu is really cute! What's the design?

NLG said...

I love all three! Great job CJ! Thanks for sharing these with us.

NLG said...

Love them! Great job, CJ!

Carolyn NC said...

Biscornu is lovely - great fabric! Nice cards, too!

Ranae said...

Sweet biscornu, love the yellow fabric.
The cards are so pretty and very creative,
I need to organize my WIP's too

Barbara said...

Your biscornu turned out lovely. And your cards are just AWESOME!!! I love the birthday one you made for me & plan to put it in my stitchbook.
Barb in TX

glenda said...

Great job on the biscornu, CJ!
Your cards are always beautiful, you are multitalented!!

Anonymous said...

Great biscornu & very pretty cards!