Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have a stitching update, plus giveaway!!!

Woohoo!! I am finally posting a stitching update, it is about time. Have I been stitching? I most certainly have, but not as much as I need too. Since it is so close to school ending I have been busy with all the end of year activities. It also does not help that I have been consumed with making cards--that is for another post.
So here goes.

I have completed one project for a Swap-Bot exchange and nearly finished another. These two project are for the Cross Stitch Across the World, part 5. The theme is animals this time around, last month it was flowers. The patterns are from The Needle's Content floss tag group, I thought they would be perfect for this exchange. They are stitched on 28ct Monaco using DMC and WDW floss.

I will also be finishing off one of the Christmas trees I stitched earlier this year for a CSE exchange. I have worked some on the Blue Ribbon Design SAL, photo is below. My Gazette94 SAL is a slow moving for now, I need to get it back into my weekly "stitch while watching TV" rotation.

I have dropped out of a couple of stitching groups and joined Cross Stitch Addition and a Biscornu swap group that is on Yahoo Groups but swaps through Swap-Bot--go figure. Look forward to joining in on some of their exchanges and games in the upcoming months.

Many moons ago I said I was going to clean out my box of fabric and have a giveaway. It is done. This stuff needs a new home. I am giving it away in one chunk. There are several pieces in varying sizes, mostly 14ct Aida, some 18ct, some linen, and some stuff that looks like burlap. There is black, blue, pink, green, yellow, white, red, brown, etc, etc. So if you are interested please leave a comment and I will pick the recipient next Tuesday after I return from a visit to Dallas. I am happy to pay for the postage.

and Finally
I received this award from Susie, the stitching mad mum. It was so sweet of her to send this to me. Now I want to pass it on to a few people that I admire.

Meari - Cause I just cannot make it through a Monday without her updates.
Kristina - Great card maker and very inspiring. My oldest and I lover to watch her "how to" videos. It is a great way to have some mommy/daughter time.

I love and read many more blogs but these two are my absolute favorites at the moment. Actually, Meari's blog is an addiction for me and many others.

So I must leave you to empty the dryer.

See ya!!



shutterbug said...

Hi CJ! I really like how that BRD piece is looking. :o) Which one is it? Please add my name to the drawing you are having. Wow! lots of fabric!
I agree about Meari's blog.:o) I also read yours every time you have an update (you're on my blog roll) but I don't always leave comments.
Hugs, Elaine

Beth said...

What a great giveaway, CJ. Please enter me! One day soon I will have my blog up to date and there'll be a giveaway for my readers as well!


Meari said...

CJ, you flatter me! (Imagine the big smile on my face) You're just the sweetest thing, ever. Thank you for giving me the award. It tickles me to no end knowing that there are actually people out there who enjoy reading my blog.

I hope you enjoy your new groups. Congrats on your finishes. Like you, I haven't been doing much stitching. Now that class is over, I'm hoping that will improve!

Give the kiddos big hugs from me. I think they're just darlings. :)

P.S. No need to include me in the drawing... I have aida coming out my ears, LOL. Good luck to those who enter!

Barbara said...

What a terrific giveaway, CJ. Please include me in your drawing. You're doing great with your stitching & congrats on your blog award. I tend to read blogs through my google reader & don't leave comments as much as I should. Your blog is on my reader, as are Elaine & Beth (who left comments before mine) & Meari is also on there. Anyway, have a great week.
Barb in TX

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway! Please enter me in the drawing!

Pirjo from Finland

Linda said...

Love your stitching, andI would love to add my name to your giveaway list.

Delphyne said...

I would love a chance to win. :)

Renee G said...

What a great giveaway. I love to cross stitch.

Lee said...

I'd love to win some fabric! You can never have enough fabric...right?

Thanks for the contest!

DebbieSFL said...

Thanks for the giveaway; please include me.


kakie48 said...

Hi CJ .First off I want to say welcome to the group :o) , also you do very pretty work .Last but not least I hope that you will add my name to the list :o)

your stitching friend

kakie48 said...

I will try this one more time (for some reason although I have a blog I can never seem to leave a comment on others:o(
Anyway welcome the group :o) .What pretty work you do .
Ihope that you will put me on your list for the draw as well
your stitching friend

Nancy V said...

Hi, CJ,

I love your stitching and your cardmaking. I do both of those, too. I find them both fun and relaxing.

Thanks for offering the giveaway. Please sign me up.

Enjoy each day,

Nancy V from TN


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Your stitching is so beautiful.

This is an awesome giveaway. Please enter me in this giveaway. Thank you for this opportunity.... You can never have enough fabric....

Sherry said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I would love the 18ct. Aida! Please include my name!

Your stitching looks wonderful!

Julie said...

CJ, I can't understand your strength! I need to, but have thus far avoid parting with any of my stash. I'd love to be entered in your stash give away drawing.

CindyMae said...

Beautiful stitching! I love it all! I also love your blog, just found it today! You have great talent!

Kim said...

Please include me in your fabulous fabric giveaway - I love Aida! Thanks,

Cindy F. said...

Pretty stitching CJ! and Congrats on your award!!
I would love to be entered for your giveaway and thank you so much for the opportunity!!

Terry said...

What a great giveaway! Please add my name to the hat for it.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Glad to see you are still stitching. Thought of you when all the ladies from WF were here for the Stitching Retreat they are such a fun group. Your stitching is great. CJ ok;-)

Teresa Brooks said...

I love your blog and would love to have your fabric. I haven't cross stitched is several years, but have been thinking about getting back into it. Thanks for opportunity to win this.

Robyn in Oz said...

Welcome to both your new groups! Like your stitching. Would love to be entered in your drawing, fabric is always appreciated.

Donna said...

Love your stitching. Please include me in your giveaway drawing!

Stitchinowl said...

CJ, What a generous giveaway. Please enter me in the drawing. Now I am off to read Meari's blog!
rcscg at aol dot com

cpullum said...

Wow count me in what a nice giveaway! Thanks for being so nice.
Happy Memorial Day! The space ship just landed here and I thought it was an earth quake!

Mylene said...

A cute finish for the floss tag.

Hope i am not late to join in the draw. Thanks.

Can't find your email addy to leave about a tutorial for finishing a mattress pincushion, here is a link:
Hope it helps.

glenda said...

Great job on the stitching!

Anonymous said...

Your BRD looks great! I also like the way your sampler is coming along. Very pretty.