Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can May be just around the corner??

Well, I thought tomorrow is the last day of April and I have only posted once this month, seems to be the norm for me lately so I better get busy. As usual things are a little nutty in our house, as I am sure they are the same for many of you that have children, work, husbands and/or hobbies, not to mention those of you going to school . How do we do it? I wish I knew. So let tell you what is going on.

Stitching Update

I have had two, yes I said two, finishes. Mind you they were small, but finishes none the less. Not only were they stitched they were also assembled for presentation. One is a floss tag and the other a coaster. I loved the way the coaster looked so much, I sent a copy of the pattern (a freebie) and two coasters to my CSE partner for the "Kitted Up Freebie" exchange. The Floss Tag pattern came from Miss T's blog, stitched on 16ct Ivory Aida using a multi colored floss from Threadworx. I recently discovered Miss T's blog, she has many great, free designs that are simple to stitch. Unfortunately, I failed to photograph my finish prior to sending it off to my Swap-Bot partner. Sorry!! As for the coaster it was stitched on 16ct Aida using DMC floss. I forgot where I got the pattern but it is an on-line freebie of three solid color flowers and a bee. Very cute. No photo it is on it's way to Finland. Must do better about taking photos of my work beofre I ship it off. As for my two SAL's I have made progress on both, not as much as I would like, but they are coming along.

On a somewhat stitching related note, I won week #8 of the CSE NASCAR Game. My driver Mark Martin won that race and he started at the pole--way to dominate Old Man!!!

More somewhat stitching news, Beth is going to Ocean City, Maryland for a stitching retreat. Needless to say I am very envious, Ocean City was one of my teenage stomping grounds many moons ago. She has promised to eat some Thrasher Fries with vinegar for me as well as take a picture of herself in the act of eating the fries. How sweet of her to do that for me.

Paper Crafts

I have made many cards this month and plan to make more. The idea is to make monogrammed card sets for each of my kids teachers. That will be about seven sets total so I need to get to work on them. Each set will have 6 different cards using the same papers and monogram.

I have also joined some Card Maker Magazine swaps for May. The first cards I have to make are Cris-Cross cards. I will let you know how that goes.


I have been involved with Swap-Bot for a few months now and I am really enjoying it. I have participated in several Tea swaps, Blank Note Card and Handmade Card swaps, one Cross Stitch swap (which involve the two projects listed above) and two Chocolate swaps. Lots of fun. You should check it out.

Paperback Swap

I have to thank Vickie for sharing info about Paperback Swap and introducing me to Elaine Viets. I am on the third book in her "Dead End Job" series. It is a fun series to read and I love the way the characters are carried over in each book, especially the 76 year old landlady with purple shorts and brightly painted toenails. Thanks Vickie!!!

Now speaking of paperback swaps, my neighbor has invited me to participate in a private book swap. So I am looking for interested folks to send my invites too. The deal is you only send one book to the person identified in the letter. Then you send six copies of the letter with one to your friends. I plan to try it out, I figure if I don' like the book it will go onto my Paperback Swap list for give away or in my garage sale pile. If you would like to join me just send me a note with your e-mail so we can exchange more details.

Anyhow, have a good evening.

See ya!!



lynda said...

I'm so glad you've found Elaine Viets! Aren't her books fun? She also has another series about a "secret shopper"...those are good too.

Cindy F. said...

OK, I'm trying to picture these exciting things, but I'm sure real life is much prettier:)
It all sounds very exciting! and I do love the Card Maker Magazine and the paperback swaps!