Friday, October 31, 2008

The Sisterhood is moving to......

CANADA!! Congrats to Claire in Digby, Nova Scotia. Claire please e-mail me your address so I can get her going, she is anxious to meet you. The response was so surprising I had 43 stitchers in total to put in the drawing. Thanks goodness for, I had to copy the results and paste them below, what fun. Let's just say with some things I am technically challenged.

True Random Number Service
List Randomizer
There were 43 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
1. 29. Claire
2. 21. Juls
3. 15. Livnlaf
4. 23. Michele
5. 6. Paula C.
6. 18. Xangles
7. 28. Annemarie
8. 39. Diane
9. 12. Kim
10. 26. Dianne
11. 30. Cyndi
12. 1. Anneke
13. 35. Chiloe
14. 16. Meari
15. 17. Ladydoc
16. 34. Michelle
17. 4. Kathryn
18. 3. Cynthia
19. 11. Kathy A.
20. 20. Donna
21. 42. Aussie Stitcher
22. 5. Sherry
23. 19. Nicki
24. 40. Nora
25. 10. Shutterbug
26. 32. Tangerinedreams
27. 9. Mylene
28. 8. Clara
29. 36. Betty C.
30. 14. Renee
31. 27. Lee
32. 22. Barb
33. 38. Pam
34. 2. Pirjo
35. 7. Stitchng Kath
36. 31. Shelley
37. 24. Rachel
38. 13. Sadie
39. 37. DaffyCat
40. 41. Sharon
41. 43. Stitcher UK
42. 33. Veronica
43. 25. Alberta

Timestamp: 2008-10-30 23:46:11 UTC

As promised here is my final stitched Waxing Moon Designs No 119, My Floss and My Needle They Comfort Me.

Waxing Moon Design #119, DMC, 14 Ct Cafe Aida

Once more, here is the log of her travels. Claire feel free to include this in your blog when she leaves you. I am sure you will enjoy stitching her as much as we all did.

Harmien in the Netherlands (November 3, 2007, scroll down)
Sent it to Lili in France (June 15, 2007)
Who sent it to Barbara in Malaysia (June 25, 2007)
Who sent it to Tessa in Australia (July 16, 2007)
Who sent it to Lizzie in North Carolina, U.S. (February 26, 2008)
Who sent it to Barbara in the Netherlands (March 11, 2008)
Who sent it to Sarah (no blog) in Ohio, U.S. (April 11, 2008)
Who sent it to Anna in Pennsylvania, U.S. (June 2008)
Who sent it to Wendy in Ontario, Canada (July 4, 2008)
Who sent it to Sue in Michigan, U.S. (August 2, 2008)
Who sent it to Jennifer in Pennsylvania, U.S. (September 2, 2008)
Who sent it to CJ in Texas, U.S. (November 3, 2008)
Who sent it to Claire in Nova Scotia, Canada

Happy Halloween, see ya!!



Meari said...

It looks good, CJ. Congrats to Claire. :)

Kathy A. said...

She is beautiful. Although I am disappointed I will keep track of her travels and try again.

Claire said...

Colour me surprised, that's awesome. I can't wait to stitch her, I'm already planning my colour changes and have the perfect Sugar Maple fabbie picked out.
Thank you so much.

vEr0n!c@ said...

Congratulations to Claire.

Love the lady's blue dress on yours. Very bright and cheerful.

Claire said...

CJ, the email I tried to send you came back. Please email me and I'll reply.
cgoucher1025 at gmail dot com

Jennifer said...

She's beautiful! I love your choice of blue for her dress - bright and cheerful!. Congratulations to Claire, and welcome to the Sisterhood.

Alberta said...

Glad to see that she is coming back north. Congrats Claire!

Anonymous said...

Great finish, CJ!! The blue of her dress is gorgeous!! Congratulations to Claire!! On and on our Lady travels, I just love following wherever she goes... ;o)

Michele said...

Congrats Claire! Ohhh and I was soooo close lol :)

I love our Sisterhood! wonderful colors :)

Lili said...

Oh! I'd chosen a blue dress too. She's very beautiful!
Congratulations to the winner, it's great to see the sisterhood extend...

Lili said...

Oh! I'd chosen a blue dress too. She's very beautiful!
Congratulations to the winner, it's great to see the sisterhood extend...

Barbara said...

Love your choice in colors! Isn't it interesting how differently we've all done her?

glenda said...

She is so beautiful. I love the idea of the sisterhood. I would have put my name in, but I am not stitching very much recently :(
I really like your blog, CJ!!


Annemarie said...

Congratulations to Claire. And wow: there are 43 of us who want her? Let's hope we can all wait that long :o)