Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Monday Morning!!

I can't believe is has been 2 weeks since my last post. Needless to say I have been busy and last weekend I was ill. I had PTA stuff, lots of PTA stuff and there is more that I need to do.

As for stitching I am almost finished with my MIL's scissor pocket, I did finish my daughter's JABC ABC Apple Needlebook. She loves it and has put in a safe place to keep her brothers hands off it. Last night I finished stitching the wording on the Traveling Sisterhood Project. It is coming along nicely, I decided not to stitch it on blue fabric and I changed all the colors -- first time I have ever done that.

I missed basket class due to my illness so I am a little behind on my basket projects. There are 5 classes scheduled in October so I should be able to catch up.

I joined an on-line scrapbooking class with Stacey. I got my first package a few weeks ago and I finally opened it this weekend. It is exactly the sort of scrapbooking class I need. She provides all the materials and on-line video instruction. I have completed the first layout and I have made additional pages using the same layout with some of my own material. The plan is to make exact pages for all my kids using different colors and start a memory book for them. I have been collecting scrapbooking supplies for years but never got the hang of making pages, now I am hooked.

As many of you know I retired from the Air Force in 2005 to stay home with my little ones. Now that they are all in school I decided to work part-time, I mean very part-time so I signed up to be a sub at my kid's schools. This week I had my first substitute job, lucky for me there was a student teacher or I would have been totally lost. The plan is next time I have a job coming up is to visit the teacher the day before to get a clear to do list.

Well, I need to go DH is home for the day as well as the kids (teacher in-service day) and my SIL is coming to visit. I will try to get some pics added to this post later today.

See ya!!



Lucy said...

Online Scrapbooking cool! Hope to see pics of some of your finishes.

Meari said...

I'd like to see your SB pages too, CJ. I've collected SB supplies and have done a few pages... so little time, LOL.