Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Stitching Update

Where to begin? Friday night was only the second time since returning home from Cincinnati that I had a chance to stitch anything. It always takes me a awhile to get back in the groove at home after returning from a long trip. I spent the week unpacking, cleaning house, grocery shopping, washing the dog, doing laundry, watering plants, visiting with neighbors, and you know it just goes on and on. You know what? I still have loads of laundry, my bedroom and the dining room to sort out. It is still a mess and I have trouble functioning when things are a mess. But that is not what I am here about so let's get on with this update.

PS Fans

In June I participated in a pinkeep exchange. This was the first pinkeep I had ever made. I did post a picture of my stitching but not of the completed project. I wanted to post a picture of it once I knew it was in the hands of its new owner. So here it is for all of you to enjoy. I posted a picture of the pinkeep that I received from Janet in June.

PS - Prairie Birds, Hummingbird
16ct Oatmeal Aida with DMC


When I returned home from Cincinnati, I found a nice package waiting for me from Kim. It was the June color exchange. She sent me a box full of pink goodies, 3 skeins of floss, bread cover, 2 packs of Mill Hill Beads, mini memo pad with pen, note cards, and a magnetic list pad. Very thoughtful exchange from her. I have signed up for the next group of exchanges with CSF and I can't wait to get started putting my packages together.

More Stuff

I have been making a few changes to the blog and added a playlist with some of my all time favorite tunes, majority from the 70's. If you get the chance checkout Heartland Needleworks, it is a new stitching shop I found that is in Oklahoma City. You can shop on-line and shipping is free in the US. The owner is doing great things to promote the craft in her area and I look forward to visiting her shop someday.

See ya!!



Paula C. said...

Great stitching! I have actually been to Heartland Needleworks last Fall when I visited my son. He lives in Midwest City, OK. I got to go there and Cross Stitch Haven in OK City, then DH drove me to Tulsa so I could go to Silver Needle. Talk about FUN!

Mylene said...

ahhh, that sounds familiar though we didn't go away but still unending house chores to do..., anyway, i love your pinkeep. It turned out great.
Have a good week.

Meari said...

That is a lovely pinkeep, CJ. Congrats on a great job! Nice exchange, too. :) Glad you're enjoying the group.

Daffycat said...

It is hard to get back into real life after a holiday, isn't it? And I hate having things a mess! I hope you can get everything sorted soon.

Your pinkeep is adorable and the color exchange looks fun.

I've been to Heartland Needleworks but only once...actually I've been four times but they were only open once...their hours are a little short & changeable! But it's a nice shop and they're very friendly.

Debra said...

Your pinkeep is wonderful! Congrats on your finishing!
Debra in Indiana