Thursday, August 28, 2008


In my profile I mention that I like to make baskets. Last weekend I went to my monthly basket weaving meeting and made two baskets with ceramic bases. I want to share with you a picture on one of the baskets I made on Saturday and a few others I made over the past year as well as several years ago.

This is one of the Friendship baskets I made on Saturday. The base is handmade by a lady in Indiana at Gift of Love Pottery. It is a very easy basket to weave and one that I have made often.

Here is the Mini Harvest basket I made two weeks ago. I plan to decorate it with small artificial fall leaves and let the kids put their "nature walk" finds in it. So it will be home to fall nuts, small pine cones and maybe a few real leaves.

I made this Envelope Basket in the April of 2007. It is a nice size to hold my husbands stuff when he gets home from work. He drops whatever he has in it, keys, wallet, change, notepad, cell phone and flash drive. So it comes it very handy.

This is a Heart Basket I made in May. Again, a very easy basket to weave and it makes great gifts for teachers. I will be making a few more of these in the coming months.

This is a large utility basket that I currently use to keep paper to be shredded. I made this basket in 1993 when I was living in Tokyo, Japan. In the past this basket has been used to store dog toys and newspapers. It is the biggest basket I have weaved to date.

A Wine Basket that I made in the Fall of 2006. I did not have a wine bottle with me when I made so the opening is a little narrow for a wine bottle. It was fun to make, but I don't think I would make another. Although, I do enjoy a good bottle of wine, I buy my wine on-line from Bully Hill Vineyards in New York.

This is my very old Napkin Basket. I think I made this while I was living in Southern Japan on Kyushu Island in 1987. I ordered the kit from a craft magazine and weaved away. It is one of the first baskets that I made.

This is an egg basket. It is the second one I made, I like the shape and I think I did a really great job on it. This basket is approximately 16 years old. The kids use it at Easter to collect eggs.

I am a self taught weaver and I did teach a few classes when I was stationed in Japan. I lost interest in weaving for about 10 years and picked it back up in 2006 when I found out the base had classes. Turns out the instructor lives on my street and is retired from the Air Force just like me. Now days I am happy to be a student of basket weaving.

See ya!!



Karen said...

Lovely baskets! You're very talented!


TinaTx said...

Wonderful baskets!

staci said...

I've always wanted to learn how to make baskets! Yours are so wonderful and just gorgeous!!!

Meari said...

Wow, CJ. Those are great! I really like your utility basket and the egg basket. Great job.

Daffycat said...

Oh, excellent! These are really pretty and useful too.

NLG said...

Love your baskets. I am so proud of your work, you are very talented. When we are old ladies we will stitch away and you can teach me to weave.

Anonymous said...

wonderful basket(where did you learn??)!
Annalisa from Italy

Anonymous said...

I love your baskets!

glenda said...

Your baskets are incredible!!