Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Monday Update

Scissor Pocket.
Well what can I say, I have started to put together my scissor pocket, totally by hand since I am not home and have no access to a sewing machine. I am not sure I like it very much, but it was a good start and I plan to make more but in a different style. This one "my prototype" will be used to house my children's little craft scissor since is it wide enough to hold at least three small scissors.

I can report that 40% of the stitching is completed. I will wait to assemble it at home with my sewing machine, ruler, etc... Since this a specific request from #1 daughter I need to make sure the final product is perfect -- at least near perfect.

Stash Purchase.
I have been really good while here in Ohio, the only stash purchases I have made have been on-line. Fortunately, I have had not time to look for a LNS or do any kind of fun shopping at all on this "trip". So what did I buy on-line??? I bought a few necessities from 123Stitch to finish a project as well as a few new patterns and I can't remember what they are. I also purchased "Name Flakes" from
Vee and Co. Someone on one of the groups had one of their patterns, not a Name Flake, but something else so I decided to check out their site. Cruising around I found Name Flakes and knew I had to have one for each of my kids. The web page had great examples of how to finish them and I am so excited. It is their stitched name with beaded snow flakes, what a great item to display at Christmas. Vee designs each one and sends the pattern in a PDF file via e-mail. How great is that? Now I have to add the name flakes to my ToDo List--which I also need to add to this BLOG.

Speaking of Blogs (nice transition).
Today I added
Mylene from the Netherlands to my list of blogs. She is a very crafty and talented lady and I read her posts very often so I decided to add her to the list. I have also noticed that my blog is showing up in a few more places--how cool. Other than that not much more going on in the blog world or at least my little piece of it.

Card Making
It used to say in my profile that I make cards on occasion, that was before my husband decided to help me with the private blog we set up for our son during his hospital stay. After I set-up DS blog and showed it to DH, he decided to try his had at it and one morning I woke up to find out that I was five years old, loved race cars, coloring and riding a big wheel. Anyway, I do enjoy making cards and the odd little paper project. This came out of my attempt at scrapbooking, tried it, don't really like it so I switched to cards. Now that school is getting ready to start back up I like to have a stash of cards for the teachers. Last year I made the kids teachers and aides a box of six Thank-you cards, it was a big hit. So I plan to do the same this year, except get an earlier start -- ha, ha like that will really happen but at least I am thinking about it.

Well, I need to get ready to visit DS in the hospital, today he gets to eat real food which means he may be getting out of their really soon, hopefully today.

See ya!!

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Mylene said...

Hello CJ, first off thanks so much for taking the time to have a look and leaving me a comment which took me to your blog and now read about your list adding my name to name...thanks you so much.
Just added yours to mine too.
Will catch up more on your blog later this week, as i just came home from work, oh well an hour ago but stayed outside with DH for a drink and now mosquitoes had a feest with me...arggggh! It's now nearly midnight, better off the pc as i have to work tomorrow again.
Hope you are having a good week.