Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Saturday Morning!!!

Hello Everyone -

Well, I have been working only on the Aury "Welcome" in the evening and during my waits in the Hospital. I am hoping to finish it this weekend. Something good happened yesterday that I must share with all of you. While sitting in the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Radiology waiting area for my son to complete a procedure I met a fellow stitcher who happened to be there with her daughter. Her name is Jeannie, she lives here in Ohio near Cincinnati. She was working on a piece for a Breast Cancer quilt. She saw me stitching away and introduced herself. She is not a member of any of my ,but she is on the 123Stitch Message Board and a few other things that I can't recall. She told me about all the great things that the girls do on the 123Stitch board like sending kits and supplies to the gals in Iowa that lost everything after the floods or helping somebody out with a gift certificate when they are feeling down or a little strapped for "stash cash". What a great group, I may have to join this board. I invited her to checkout my blog and CSF, maybe she will join us.

Not much else going on I am just glad we don't have to go to the hospital today. But we will be back there bright and early Monday morning for x-rays. Yoohoo!! Oh, we are going to a Sprint Car Race at Eldora Speedway today, another Yoohoo!!

Have a great day....


Meari said...

What a great thing, meeting a stitcher by chance :)

jeannie2653 said...

It was so wonderful to meet at Children's Hospital on Friday. I enjoyed reading you Blog. Thank you for all the nice things said about me and 123 Stitch. Finished up my panel for one of the quilts I signed up for and will start the next one but I have to go to Michael's for some fabric I ran out.
If you need anything or would like some company while in town email me and I will give you my phone number.

jeannie2653 said...

I am so glad we meet at Chidren's Hospital on Friday. If you need anything e-mail me and I will try to help.

jeannie2653 said...

I was so happy to meet you at Cincinnati Children's Hospital on Friday. It was so nice to talk to another stitcher. If you need anything please email and I will try to help.