Thursday, June 26, 2008

WIP Update

Today, I decided to post pictures of my WIPs with a little info on each one. As I go through my stash I am also organizing my supplies to take up a smaller space. Instead of three large storage boxes to hold all my cross stitch, I should have two small boxes and nine boxes that hold my DMC -- yes, I have practically every color.

My first WIP is Bent Creek's Red Thread sampler. This project holds a special place in my heart. There is an abbreviated version of a Chinese proverb on the piece, "An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet...the thread may stretch or tangle, but never breaks." I had seen this proverb in 2001, while my husband and I waited to adopt our first child from China. At the time we thought that is very profound and for us it felt true. We saw the proverb pop up again on various groups we joined while we waited, again, to adopt a second daughter and then a son. We have been very blessed with our three and once I found this pattern from Bent Creek, there was no way I could not stitch it. So here I am working on the longest piece I have ever stitched.

In 2006, through ILCS yahoo group, I found Prairie Schooler Santas. I decided I just had to have them so I started a quest to buy them all from 1984 to the present. Well, I did it, I have all the patterns cards to date, unfortunately, I have only managed to complete one, the 1987 Santa, which I promptly gave away last Christmas in an ornament exchange. I am working on the 2007 Santa and this is as far as I have gotten.

This is Rooster, officially a UFO. I think I started this in early 2006 and I have not touched it since late 2006. For some reason, I ended up with two Rooster kits. I have the other kit posted on my Stash Give Away page to be moved to a new home. Not sure when I will pick this one up again, I need to find my motivation again, find the reason I started to stitch it in the beginning. Oh well, I guess everyone needs at least one UFO in the cupboard.

I joined a Monthly Stitching Challenge, the objective in June is to stitch a cover for a tin container. I stitched a small teapot with over dyed thread of red, white and blue, called Glory from Carrie's Creation. I will add a charm and mount it on top of a tea container. My plan is to get this finished today--ha, ha!!

The Alphabet Tree, from Blue Ribbon Designs, is coming along slowly. I usually stitch this one while my youngest is at therapy. It is small and I just throw it in my purse and off we go. I am stitching this with an over dyed thread called Indian Paintbrush from Ozark Sampler it reminds me of autumn.

My last WIP is finished, a Prairie Schooler Pinkeep. I will post a picture of the finished project once it is received by my exchange partner. It was my first pinkeep, overall I was very pleased with the outcome.

Have a great stitching day.


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Meari said...

Wow, you've got a lot of projects going (like I have room to talk, lol). They all look great, CJ. :)