Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stash Diet and Stitching Update

I am still going through my stash, I don't have alot it is just finding the time to get it all sorted. So far I have several large and small kits, lots of phamplets, some material and a bunch of Stitch Bow Floss holders. My plan is to post a list here by the weekend.

As for stitching, have not stitched anything for a few days. I have been organizing my DMC floss and transfering skeins from Stitch Bow to bobbins. About 5 years ago, while we were living in UK I learned about DMC's Stitch Bow systems, bought lots of it and after giving it a try I decided I did not like it at all. I managed to sell most of it on Ebay in 2006, but I have some lingering floss holders that I need to pass on.

I have a correction. Earlier I posted about finding a Seagull pattern and that the site I found it on was probably from Spain. Turns out she is in Ohio. Originally, I found her site,, through a link on Bordando Freebie blog and since there was both English and another language on her site(which might be Spanish--but not sure)I assumed she was overseas as well. OOPS!! No matter my error, I am so glad I found her site and I look forward to stitching up many of her patterns during our trip to Cincinnati for my son's surgery.

It is starting out to be a lovely day here in North Texas, right now I am drinking a cup of tea and listening to all the birds in my back yard. Life is good, but I need to get dressed and ready for a guy to come fix my dryer. There is always something. Enjoy my petunia's.

Have a great day.


Meari said...

Beautiful flowers, CJ. Are you using the cardboard bobbins, or the plastic ones?

CJ said...

Meari -

Thanks for stopping by. I use plastic bobbins, although I do have some thread--that I have had for ages--stored on cardboard bobbins. I will be posting my Stich Bow Floss holders later today, I have over 140 to pass on.