Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Back in the Blog-o-Sphere

Well, I have finally put together a new blog. I plan to stay more focused on my hobbies, with few family inputs in this new blog. So keep looking, I will be posting some photos of completed projects and Works in Progress (WIP).

So what is happening this week? This morning I am going to WFISD to apply for school transfers for Maddie and Sam. Wish me luck, we want to keep them in Cunningham. Granny is visiting so I think we will take the kids shopping today. I really believe it is one of the best schools in town. The laminate flooring for my dinning room will be delivered today for the Wednesday installation. We plan to go see Kung Fu Panda this weekend.

What am I working on? I am stitching a Prairie Schooler (PS) Pinkeep for an exchange on my PS Group. Need to complete the April and May portion of my Bent Creek (BC) Red Thread Snapper. There are two Patriotic Heart Basket kits I need to weave (might do that tonight, since there is a class on base). I have to mail a box of purple stitching stuff to fellow stitcher on Cross Stitch Friends (CSF) group for a monthly exchange. I signed up decorate a tin with a cross stitch, that has to be completed in June. Thought I would give it a try, wish me luck. I foresee lots of late night stitching in my future. No card making going on, all my supplies are out of reach until I get my dinning room back in order.

Well it is early (6am) and I need to walk the dog. We adopted Gracie in April from Lonestar Bulldog Rescue. She is a Bulldog, mixed with Boxer (we think). She has a very sweet disposition and is very easy going. Although, she is not fond of older ladies with gray hair.

Have a great day.



Julie said...

Gracie is Beautiful!

NLG said...

I love Jeff's hat!! Great blog. Love to all, Nora

NLG said...

Love Jeff's hat. Great blog. Love to all, Nora